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Alarm is trigerred before a child is abused which enables the management to prevent a child abuse incident on their school premises.
Prevent child abuse at school
Murder, Sexual Abuse, Inappropriate Behaviour have become catostrophic for Schools. School Management is now faced with the herculean task of preventing these instances. Child Safety has always been the primary concern of the management. This sudden change in behavioural / pyschological issues of the staff have left the Management groping in the dark for resolutions. It is imperative that the School Management implements systems that can help them to prevent these untowards incidence.
    Salient Features
Child Abuse pre warning system

Dedicated Person Not Required

No need for a dedicated person to keep watching.
Receive notifications(Audio Alarm) on your mobile.
Child Abuse triggers alarm

Sensitive Zones

Define the sensitive zones on the school premises(Ex. Ladies Rest Rooms) and define who should not enter this zone (Ex. All Male Employees). The system will trigger an alarm whenever an un-authorized employee enters this zone.
Child Abuse Escalated


On breach of rules, system will beep an alarm. Staff are expected to acknowledge and act on this immediately. If there is delay in the staff reacting to this alarm, the system will send out SMS to designated mobile numbers informing them about the incident.
Child Abuse no alarm case

Permitted Entry

There are instances when the restrictions need to be relaxed (to enable house keeping staff to work, maintenance staff to attend to a break down etc.,). Provision is made to permit and also define the period. System will trigger an alarm when the person stays in the zone beyond the permitted time.
Child Abuse ID not wearing ID Card

Tag / Id Card removed

System can sense that the person is not wearing the tag and it will flag the same on the admin dash board. Management can warn the employee and ensure compliance.
Child Abuse temporary ID Card

Tag / Id Card Inactive

System is designed to trigger an alarm if the ID Card is ‘not working’ or not brought into the school premises. Either the Card is faulty or the employee is not carrying the card. A ‘Temp Card’ can be issued for a day to the employee who has forgotten to bring his card.
Child Abuse system Works in the dark

Works in The Dark

The system is design is based on advance electronic communication technologies (RF, WiFI & BLE). Unlike CCTV, Light, Bad Light, Reverse Light, No Light etc., do not hamper the working of our system.
Child Abuse spot on school plan

Graphical User Interface

Your School plan is interfaced with our solution. Locations and breach (if any) are displayed on the school plan (rather than a textual room number) which is easy to understand at a glance.
Child Abuse at any block or floor

Multiple Floors / Blocks

Each Block and Floor is mapped into the system. The system displays the floor plan where the incident happens.
Historical Data to view child abuse

Historical Data

System can map the “walk path” of any employee for a particular date and time period. With this you can establish if the employee was in the sensitive zone when the incident occurred. This can also be used as a tool to analyze the behavior of the employee.
Easy to install our child abuse system

Easy to Install

Additional Power or LAN cabling is not required (will be confirmed after site inspection). The system is designed to run using solar power chargers and WiFi, thereby eliminating the need for additional power lines and LAN cabling. This saves money, time and building aesthetics are retained
Child Abuse pre warning no infringement on privacy


As the system does not capture any image / video, questions of privacy and mis-use of the video are eliminated
CCTV Solutions
Our school safety system
Parameter CCTV Our School Safety System
Installation Cost   High cost, time, disturbance and requires extensive power & data cabling   Simple - fixing of gadgets to the wall. No additional cabling required.
Expandability   Tough - requires same effort as first time installation and may need to replace expensive DVRs / NVRs   Simple, just fix the gadgets and define the devices in the system (software)
Power Dependency   Cameras need power, requires drawing UPS power lines   All units are powered by solar chargers and can work for a full day without power.
Movement Monitoring   Only records the movement - cannot monitor / act on the movement (dumb system)   Records the movement and acts on the movement (intelligent system)
Coverage   Limited
• Coverage Angle- around 21
• Distance- 20feet
• Obstructions- no image
  • Covers wider area
• Angle- 360
• Distance- 60feet
• Works behind Obstructions also
Access Permissions   Cannot be set   Can be set
Time & Location Tagging   1. Depend on the time stamp of the DVR which is not reliable.
2. Location - visual interpretation only.
  1. Time stamped by the server (more reliable)
2. Location digitally mapped
Protective / Invasive   Dumb recording system only   Proactive, intelligent system
Data Storage   Requires Hard Disks of a large capacity and not practicle for storing data beyond 30 day period.   Utilises very little hard disk space and can store data of couple of years
Reports   None   Available
Review   Visual - time consuming and ‘human dependant’   Can jump to matching criteria (ex. all instances of Employee ABC near Zone A during the period 1st Jan to 5th Jan 2017)
Tamper   Easy - employee can cover his face or cover the camera and walk behind obstacles.   Based on electronic signals - none of these will affect
Why School Safety System?
Solution for save students inside school
A seven-year-old boy was found murdered in the school washroom.
Secure your students from rape,murder,molestation,abuse in school premises
A three-year-old LKG student of a private school was allegedly raped by her school teacher
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